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How to UPLOAD A PRODUCT in CineLenses Marketplace

  • 1 CineLenses does not charge commissions for sales, or for successful operations.
  • 2 Our 150.000 professional users are your potential clients.
  • 3 Enhanced visibility in our app and website.
  • 4 You will sell all over the world without moving.
  • 5 Talk directly to your clients.
  • 6 Product management from your private profile, choose the rate that best suits your needs.


Why start selling with us?

Avarage price of a lens 40.000€

150.000 Users/Cinelenses (Rental houses, Cinematographers, ...)

Average cost per lens at CineLenses Marketplace 7,5€/month

If you sell the lens in 3 months, the marketplace has only cost you 22,5€